Gunyama Park

Bring a friend for free to BODYJAM and DANCE FIT

Tue, 20 Apr 2021,
posted by City of Sydney

Accompanying the recent launch of our brand new Group Fitness Timetable, we have launched two brand new incredible classes that will get you moving more!

To celebrate the launch of these new classes, we are encouraging 360 members to bring a friend for free, to trial one of these classes and experience Gunyama Park.

Free entry will be available until May 15.

About our new classes;

BODYJAM - A combination of music and dance. It meets recommended intensity guidelines for exercise programming and is an effective workout for improving cardiorespiratory fitness, as well as for weight loss and weight maintenance.

DANCE FIT - A fun training workout based on dance and music. It’s a cardiovascular and interval training class which uses different type of uplifting music, and various dance style, as Modern, Musical, Hip Hop and Latin Dance. There are low and high impact routines which involve the whole body to move.

View the group fitness timetable