Crèche Club Exercise Group

Crèche Club Exercise Group runs Monday and Wednesday.

Parents, join our free exercise group, while we look after the kids.

Gunyama Park hosts a weekly exercise group for parents. PLUS, we'll look after your child/ren, so you can attend child-free!

*There is no cost to access the exercise group. Fees and charges apply for Crèche bookings. A discount applies for 360 members.

About the program

  • Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday

    Weekly, 11am - 12pm

  • Classes take place in our fully equiped gym

    Use a huge variety of weights, machines and cardio equipment

  • FREE to join the class

    Open to all parents (including non-360 members for a limited time)


  • Community

    Work out with other parents and meet new people

  • Consistency

    Runs weekly

  • Accountability

    Our team are here to support you with your fitness goals

  • Variety

    Exercises will vary, so you won't be doing the same thing every week

  • Personalised

    Exercises are tailored to suit all levels and abilities