Gunyama Park

How Richard found his happy place

As part of our "happy place" series, we speak to Richard on why he chose Gunyama Park to swim and train at.

Sat, 20 May 2023,
posted by City of Sydney

Introducing Richard - living in Redfern and working in the corporate world, we found out why he has made Gunyama Park his happy place to ride, train and swim at.

How long have you been coming to Gunyama Park?

R: One to two years

Do you visit any other City of Sydney centres?

R: Gunyama Park is the main centre I go to but living in Redfern, I sometimes go to Prince Alfred Park Pool, Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre and Victoria Park Pool.

What classes do you do?

R: Sprint is my favourite class but I also love RPM and Cycle. I love being on the bike.

I also do BodyBalance and Reformer Pilates plus a couple of Swimfit Adult Squad classes a week (as I feel Gunyama Park has the best 50 metre pool in Sydney).

What makes coming here your happy place?

R: There are quite a few reasons. The facility itself is state of the art including the equipment and weights. As a keen cyclist, the technology with the bikes is amazing.

The centre has everything you could want – there are so many classes you are sure to find one which suits your needs.

I haven't done any cycling in years, but now I enjoy it so much. The trainers are excellent – their enthusiasm and motivation really helps me challenge myself.

What I have really noticed is how the trainers focus on making sure any new or inexperienced people (and sometimes this has been me) are made to feel welcome while ensuring everyone is challenged and has a great workout.

The people here are super friendly and the staff are lovely.

Having access to other centres close by means I can do other classes when work commitments prevent me from doing my usual classes at Gunyama Park.

Why would I go anywhere else? I have found my happy place.

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