Gunyama Park

Group Fitness Marathon

Join us for a morning of back-to-back group fitness classes, that are sure to leave you sweating and smiling!

Tue, 28 Feb 2023,
posted by City of Sydney

Group Fitness Marathon - March 2023

  • When: Sunday 26 March, 2023
  • Time: 7am - 12pm
  • Theme: Funky socks

Join us for a morning of back-to-back group fitness classes, that are sure to leave you sweating and smiling!

Every three months many of our popular group fitness classes are updated with new movements, new routines and new music. To celebrate the launch of these updates, Gunyama Park will be holding a group fitness marathon that includes back-to-back classes all morning, plus some special celebrations and giveaways in the fitness centre.

So put on your funky socks and get ready for brand new workouts that will leave you sweating and smiling!

What to expect at the Group fitness marathon;

  • Free entry for non-360 members
  • Back-to-back group fitness class timetable
  • Post-workout refreshments
  • Our fitness experts will be available to answer your health and fitness questions
  • Access to the pool to cool down after
  • Prizes and giveaways up for grabs

360 members, remember to bring-a-friend! All non-members receive free entry into the event, including the opportunity to try a group fitness class. Terms and conditions apply*.

Check out the timetable below.

Studio 3 - Cardio
7:15am (45 mins)BODYATTACK with JENNY & MATEO
8:15am (45 mins)YOGA with JEANIE & LYDIA
9:15am (45 mins)BODYPUMP with HANNA & ETHAN
10:15am (45 mins)ZUMBA with OLESYA & MARI
11:15am (45 mins)BODYCOMBAT with AVANI & BRONAGH
Studio 2 - Reformer Pilates
7:30am (45 mins)Reformer Pilates (Open) with ASHLEIGH
8:30am (45 mins)Reformer Pilates (Beginner) with ASHLEIGH
9:30am (45 mins)Reformer Pilates (Open) with ASHLEIGH
Studio 1 - Cycle
7:15am (45 mins)RPM with SAM & EMANUELE
8:15am (45 mins)SPIN with SAM & HANNA
9:15am (30 mins)SPRINT with KATE & AVANI

To stay up to date with the latest news, info and announcements about the group fitness marathon, register your interest by clicking on the button below.

Register your interest
    • The group fitness timetable is correct at time of publishing, however, is subject to change
    • Free entry is only available to non-360 members. Membership credit cannot be applied
    • Free entry into the facility is only available for the duration of the event (7am-12pm on Sunday 26 March)
    • Class bookings will open 72 hours in advance to both members and non-members to book