Gunyama Park

Empowering Women in Sports: Breaking Barriers and Building Confidence

Join us on Wednesday 13 March as we come together to celebrate International Women's Day and advocate for greater female participation in sports.

Fri, 1 Mar 2024,
posted by City of Sydney

In celebration of International Women's Day, we invite you to join us on Wednesday 13 March at Gunyama Park, where we want to address crucial questions surrounding women's participation in sports.

Event info

  • Date: Wednesday 13 March
  • Time: 6:30-7:30pm
  • Location: Gunyama Park Aquatic & Recreation Centre

Please note catering will be provided and child mind facilities will be available.

Spaces are limited so bookings are essential.

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What to expect

From breaking down barriers to reducing stigma, our discussion will explore ways to empower women to embrace and excel in the world of athletics.

Encouraging Women's Participation

The significance of women's involvement in sports cannot be overstated. However, despite progress, many women still face obstacles when it comes to joining sports activities. Our session will delve into strategies for encouraging greater participation, highlighting the importance of inclusivity and accessibility.

Reducing Barriers

Barriers such as lack of access to facilities, cultural norms, and socio-economic factors often deter women from engaging in sports. Through open dialogue and shared experiences, we will brainstorm practical solutions to minimise these barriers, ensuring that all women have the opportunity to pursue their athletic passions.

Overcoming Stigma

The stigma associated with women's sports remains a significant challenge. From stereotypes about physical capabilities to unequal media representation, these perceptions can discourage women from pursuing athletic endeavours.

Our talk will address these issues head-on, fostering a supportive environment where women feel empowered to defy stereotypes and embrace their athleticism.

Building Confidence

Confidence plays a crucial role in encouraging women to participate in sports. By highlighting success stories and providing mentorship opportunities, we can help women build the self-assurance they need to take on new challenges and excel in sports. Through workshops and interactive discussions, attendees will gain practical tips for boosting confidence both on and off the field.

Together, let's break down barriers, challenge stereotypes, and empower women to unleash their full potential in the world of athletics. Don't miss this opportunity to be a part of the movement towards a more inclusive and equitable sporting community.